Perioperative Data Management System

Perioperative Data Management System (PDMS) is a comprehensive data tool kit set up for your hospital. The PDMS can be set up to ensure your key performance indicator's are monitored, transparent, centrally located and useful to your organizational goals.

Here are a few report examples included in the PDMS:

  • Perioperative Dashboards
  • Block Utilization by Service, Group and Surgeon
  • First Case Delays
  • Day of Surgery Cancellations
  • Rolling 12 Month Utilization
  • Cases and Minutes by Service, Group and Surgeon

Quality Management Dashboards

Dashboards for:

  • Core Measures
  • Value Based Purchasing
  • Infection Control
  • Patient Safety
  • Readmissions
  • Mortalities

Quality Management Dashboards are now, more than ever, essential to any organizations ability to track, monitor, and improve process. Transparency with Quality data is imperative in the current environment, dashboards are easily interpreted, readily displayed, and can make poignant arguments for proof of success.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance Consulting helps hospitals collect, manage, and analyze compliance data to ensure survey readiness and communicate needs to various stakeholders within healthcare organizations. The service offers analysis for:

  • environment of care
  • life safety
  • infection control
  • biomedical equipment management
  • hazardous materials management, and more